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Benefits of Generic Cialis

The chemical name of Cialis is Tadalafil. Tadalafil relaxes muscles, inhibits phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors and stimulates blood flow to the genitals.

Generic Cialis starts acting in 15-20 minutes. The drug is absorbed greatly in the body.

Cialis is characterized by benefit as prolonged action duration. This pill provides 36 hours quite enough to satisfy all sexual needs and exceed all expectations.

Tadalafil is known to cause fewer and less serious side effects than Sildenafil Citrate or Vardenafil.

The most typical side effects are as follows: stuffy nose, headache, and back pain.


In any case, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before buying the common Cialis tablets on the possibility of taking the drug. We hope that you will find useful information provided.

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Generic Cialis is available on our online site. We offer the high quality of generics. It is an equivalent of brand drugs.

Cialis is a brand name of a med with the active component Tadalafil. Generic Cialis contains Tadalafil in the same quantity and released in the same dosages (10mg and 20mg), and it provides the same effect in the body as original Cialis.


Generic Cialis is much cheaper and buying Cialis online helps to save your money. Generic Cialis is manufactured by Indian manufacturer Cipla Company. Brand Cialis is manufactured by Eli Lilly, an owner of Cialis trademark.


To buy a common Cialis or brand Cialis is the choice of each client, but if you try a common Cialis, you will not be disappointed for sure. Find reliable sites and check the payment mode. All you need to do is enter your card details and the payment will be sent to a strictly protected page. You are advised to call the Support Service at the number available on the pharmacy website before making a payment. When you order the necessary medicine, just call them to make sure that this is a real pharmacy. Cialis is available in many different variants. They vary in form, dosage, and size of tablets. We recommend that you choose the lowest dosage if you try it for the first time. It is best to take a trial package with different dosages. Please keep in mind that you can divide a high-dose tablet into two or four parts. In this case, you will save huge funds, because the price of a tablet with a high dosage is cheaper by a milligram compared to the milligrams of the active ingredient in a low dosage tablet. Think about what suits you and what dosage will help you get full satisfaction.

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